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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hurricane Irma Update - September 19, 2017

The Golf Course and Tennis Courts will be closed for at least two more weeks to clean up. Another update will be posted at the end of this week and will include pictures.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Important Message from IDCC Managing Director Kandi Morgan - as of 9/6, 3PM

As I am sure you have heard IDCC is in the path of Hurricane Irma.  

We will have the club ready by the end of the day tomorrow, 9/7. This includes, but is not limited to, the tennis area, clubhouse, maintenance shed, wastewater plant and fire system. Fuel tanks for emergency generators are full. Irrigation will be shut down tomorrow morning at 10:00am. Notice will be sent to all buildings.

Staff will not been in on Friday so they can get prepared. As of the last update it is expected in our area Sunday.

I will keep you informed as I receive more information.

Kandice D. Morgan, Managing Director
Island Dunes Country Club, Inc.
8735 S. Ocean Drive Jensen Beach, FL 34957 772/229-0803
Cell: 772/631-0698

The tracking models are below:

In Our Area Sometime Sunday

Friday, September 1, 2017

New #8 Hole After Three Weeks of Growth

Smooth Transition from Sod to Bunker to Green 
Left of the Green
Here are pics of the newly-filled bunker 
Another Angle, that's a Perfect Seam from Sod to Green

The Story Behind This New Bunker

When the course architect recommended a new sand trap on #8  we were concerned about changing the original Joe Lee design. After researching as many par 3 holes over water we could find that Joe designed we found one over water 160 yards long with bunker to the left and asked for that to be duplicated on our #8 hole. Everyone likes the look and, as we believe our course is likely the only executive course Joe's ever designed ,we want everyone to know that we're going to great lengths to adhere to the originality of Joe Lee's design principles.

Bill Kirkland, President, IDCC 

...and Here are Views of the Sod and Green Looking Back Towards the Tee Box

SOD is almost completely filled in
Sprigs are Well on their Way

Getting Greener and Thicker!

Friday, August 18, 2017

New #8 Hole After One Week of New Growth

Yes, that's one week of growth

And the sprigs are sprouting already

One week ago we started with this

And added the SOD

And laid down the SPRIGS

And a week later we have this!

"... it's proceeding according to plan, we have been fortunate so far to be blessed with good growing conditions".

                          Bill Kirkland, President, IDCC

This bunker will be filled with sand soon

Friday, August 11, 2017

The #8 Hole - from Sod to Sprig to Watering In, All in Sequence, Ready to Grow!

Major Milestones were Accomplished Today on the #8 Hole Redesign and Reconstruction

Milestone #1 - The "SOD"
The Starting Point - a Rebuilt and Re-Contoured Green with new Drainage and Irrigation, filled with USGA-Certified Greens Mix 

The Sod has arrived

And is carefully placed alongside the green... 

And the front green retaining wall

Out to the cart path

For a Completely New SOD Green

Milestone #2 - The SPRIGS

Shown below as they arrived, some of Georgia's finest sprigs...

The pictures following show the putting down of the sprigs, the rolling of the sprigs and the cutting of the sprigs, as done by Harry Bowers, our golf course designer/architect and IDCC staffers Felix, Chris and Jean

Milestone #3 - WATERING IN

The Final Step - watering in is the prelude to growing in, which is expected to take approximately 60 days before this hole can be re-opened for regulation play in the Fall.

And a very happy Harry Bowers, who knows he's done a great job and can go home to enjoy some Michigan football!

Friday, July 28, 2017

IDCC Golf Course Renovation - Hole #8

Update to early golf course renovation to hole #8. To save money were able to renovate 8 green early because our architect is in the area and donated part of his time and equipment.

This redo will be competed by mid August and then we will have the grow in period for 60 days and reopen for play in October.

The pictures depict the initial removal of the affected soil and the build back of the green including drainage. 

This picture with the wall is the scheduled rebuilding of the 8th tee which was in the 2017 budget.

Please watch the blog for future update. If you have any questions please contact Bill Kirkland @ 859-351-1953.

Kandice D. Morgan, Managing Director
Island Dunes Country Club, Inc.
8735 S. Ocean Drive Jensen Beach, FL 34957 772/229-0803

New Drainage for the 8th Hole Green - The Green is enlarged approx. 3x original size

White Gravel - the USGA Mix "base" for all our new greens

The New Retaining Wall for the 8th Hole Tee Box 

And on 8/4, the #8 Green is Filled with USGA Greens Mix