August 2018 Golf Course Renovation Video

Please click on link below to view the latest video of the Golf Course Renovation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

New Pickleball Courts on Court #8

A number of IDCC homeowners have been playing pickleball in recent months and have noted a need for improved playing conditions on the two pickleball courts (#7 and #8) we do have, which are essentially pickleball court lines that were painted over tennis court lines. Some of the suggested improvements include:

Painting over the tennis court lines so they're not confused with pickleball court lines during playPainting the entire pickleball court a noticeably different color to make the court dimensions easier to see Move the location of the pickleball court nets so balls wouldn't require running all the way back to the tennis court fences for retrieval (which happens very often during regular play)Expand pickleball court capacity so more players could play at the same time and rotate players around 
All of these suggestions have been considered and resulted in the following court improvements, reviewed and approved by the IDCC Board and Club Management with special thanks to To…

Water Tank Replacement - the Latest

Here are the pics of the water tanks and the repair made to the Fire Pump House Roof. The new white tank was put into service last Thursday. The second tank is scheduled to be removed and the new tank brought in on Wednesday, June 27th. Approximately two weeks from then the second tank will be on line and the project will be complete.Click on any pic to enlarge.

Water Tank Replacement - Update

The Supports for the New Water Tank are Ready to Go but a Solid Week of 5" of Rain is Preventing the Crane from Being Mobilized for the Installation. 

Water Tank Replacement - "West" Tank

The First Half of the Two-Tank Replacement Project is Nearly Complete
Our IDCC Board President, Bill Kirkland, is overseeing the entire project, starting with the delivery of the (very) large new water tank, shown below.

The New Tank is Being Removed from the Truck and Placed in a Storage Area Until New Supports are Built and the Old Tank is Placed On the Truck and Hauled Away. 
Next Week We Will Begin Building the Supports. 

The IDCC Fire Supression Water Tank Replacement Project Has Begun

This is the first picture for the replacement of the two water tanks for the fire suppression system. 

On Wednesday, May 2nd we will begin to replace the first tank. A crane will be on site early in the morning and the first tank will arrive on a semi-trailer truck. The new tank will be placed on a stand in the maintenance area and the old tank will be hauled off. 
After a new concrete pad is complete the new tank will be placed on the pad and put into service. This process will take 2 to 3 weeks. Then the same process will be done to replace the second tank, "East Tank".  


There will be NO interruption of fire protection to
 the Island Dunes building sprinkler systems  at 
any time during this process. 

Please watch this blog for pictures and updates of this process.