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Friday, July 28, 2017

IDCC Golf Course Renovation - Hole #8

Update to early golf course renovation to hole #8. To save money were able to renovate 8 green early because our architect is in the area and donated part of his time and equipment.

This redo will be competed by mid August and then we will have the grow in period for 60 days and reopen for play in October.

The pictures depict the initial removal of the affected soil and the build back of the green including drainage. 

This picture with the wall is the scheduled rebuilding of the 8th tee which was in the 2017 budget.

Please watch the blog for future update. If you have any questions please contact Bill Kirkland @ 859-351-1953.

Kandice D. Morgan, Managing Director
Island Dunes Country Club, Inc.
8735 S. Ocean Drive Jensen Beach, FL 34957 772/229-0803

New Drainage for the 8th Hole Green - The Green is enlarged approx. 3x original size

White Gravel - the USGA Mix "base" for all our new greens

The New Retaining Wall for the 8th Hole Tee Box 

And on 8/4, the #8 Green is Filled with USGA Greens Mix