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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Important Letter to all Owner Members

8735 S. Ocean Drive
Jensen Beach, FL  34957
(772) 229-0803
FAX (772) 229-2087

   September 13, 2016

Dear Owner-Member of IDCC:

This letter is being sent to you and all members of the Island Dunes Country Club to update you on the plans to provide much needed major maintenance to our golf course, an important project that will enhance our property values, while also reducing the escalating costs associated with maintaining our 30+ year-old facility.

This project reflects the unanimous recommendation of three golf course renovation companies, as well as a consultant to the United States Golf Association who visited our course and prepared a report.

Based on their professional counsel, we have engaged a respected golf course renovation firm to draft a set of project specifications. Once we have received these, we will solicit bids from interested companies and the IDCC board of directors will determine the best way to finance this project. Financing will depend on the bid selected, and may include using our reserves, borrowing funds, or proposing a small increase in dues.

The process we are undertaking is consistent with the fiduciary responsibility of the IDCC board and is permitted and required by the by-laws of our organization. Although this project does not necessitate a vote of the membership, we welcome your input and will be holding a special board meeting in October to present this plan and hear your views.

The final financing proposal will be presented at the annual budget meeting in November.

This project has been reviewed and approved by the IDCC golf committee (comprised of both board members and non-board members) and the IDCC board of directors. It was also presented to the membership at our annual meeting in March and to the board of directors of Oceanside 1 and Regency, at their request, around the same time.

We have enclosed an overview of the project for your review. We hope that after looking at it, you will agree that it is not only essential, but also beneficial to our property values and our golf community.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Very Truly Yours,

John Rozek -  President, IDCC
Dick Walsh - Treasurer, IDCC

Island Dunes Country Club Golf Course Improvements

General Overview

- Many of the greens are experiencing poor turf grass growth.  Shade and a soil organic layer have greatly contributed to poor turf conditions.

Our recommendation is to “selectively” trim trees that produce a shade problem for turf grass. All of the greens should be re-shaped and re-built to USGA specifications. In addition, all greens should be grassed with ‘Tif Eagle’ ultra-dwarf Bermuda grass.

- The grass on the entire golf course is severely contaminated with a variety of Bermuda grasses. This is a typical problem in south Florida on golf courses over 15 years of age.

Our recommendation is to eradicate the existing Bermuda grass throughout the Fairways and aerify and verti-cut multiple times to break up any existing organic layer. After the grass is sufficiently eradicated and aerified we recommend that the fairways be grassed with new “Celebration” Bermuda grass.  This will improve the aesthetic beauty, challenge of play and ease of maintenance.

- The sand bunkers have shrunk in size and are experiencing drainage failure, bunker face erosion and sand contamination.  Once again this is a typical problem in south Florida on golf courses over 15 years of age.  Sand bunkers are an integral part of the overall challenge, playability and look of every golf course.

Our recommendation is to “lightly” re-shape the bunkers improving the aesthetic beauty, challenge of play and ease of maintenance.  We recommend new subsurface drainage be installed, this will give each sand bunker a new “strategy”, improved drainage and an overall impressive new look.

 - The tee complexes have deteriorated over time and are not level and too small for the amount of play experienced.

Our recommendation is to utilize the old greens mix (minus the top organic layer) removed from the green renovation operation and elevate and expand the size of all the tees.   In addition all tee surfaces will be laser leveled and re-grassed with new Celebration Bermuda grass for superior playability and turf conditioning.

 - A long range tree/landscaping pruning and planting program will be developed for the entire golf course.

Our recommendation is prune/trim all existing landscape on the golf course property. In addition, there are several areas on the golf course where “feature” trees could be added to improve the look, challenge and playability of the course.

  - Although 80% of the existing wood retaining walls and bridges appear to be sound and
functioning, they are “unattractive” in appearance.

Our recommendation is to clean all of the existing wood retaining walls and replace the top wood cap.  In addition some of the bridges need to have deck boards replaced and all of the wood bridges should be weather treated and preserved to produce a “new” consistent appearance.